About the Society


Mission Statement

     The mission of the Society is to further interest in and appreciation of Scottish and other Celtic cultures, history, literature, and performing arts through education, recreation, charity, and fellowship.  To further this mission, the Society shall remain a 501(c)3 nonprofit, and shall be nonpolitical and nonsectarian.

Our Objectives

     The Objectives of the Society are to perpetuate an interest in the culture of Scots and Celts; to encourage the study of Scottish and Celtic history, poetry, literature, and the performing arts. To engage in fellowship with people who value and appreciate the history that surrounds Scotland and its Celtic neighbors.

     The Society, when the Executive Board deems it appropriate, will give financial aide and sponsor people who are engaged in learning, teaching, and performing the arts and cultures of Scotland and the Celts. This may include, but not limited to singing, dancing, piping, drumming, reciting poetry, and speaking Gaelic.


     Founded on December 2nd, 1961, the St Andrew Society of New Mexico and its distinguished membership has provided charitable relief, academic sponsorship and community identification for the natives of Scotland and their descendants. As a 501(c)3 the St. Andrew Scottish Society of New Mexico; aims to raise awareness of Scotland and Scottish culture by celebrating Scottish heritage and tradition through fund-raising and other social events; promoting good will, understanding and communication between the people of New Mexico and the people of Scottish heritage.

      St. Andrew Societies were originally organized during the period of the Scottish Immigration of the 19th Century, in order to assist Scots settling in their new country by supporting cultural activities. Today promotion of the Scottish and Celtic cultures continues, through the efforts of our members.

The St Andrew Scottish Society of New Mexico (SASSNM) hosts, and participates, at many events throughout the year:

  • We start the year with a traditional "Hogmanay" including the traditional "First Footer".
  • Then comes the Robbie Burns Dinner, on (or as near to) January 25th..
  • We have Celtic Movie Nights every other month, come join us for great movie and great company.
  • Celtic Music Sessions are held weekly, at Joliesse Chocolates, you can't go wrong with music AND chocolate!
  • The Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival and Highland Games Competition in May.
  • We host a Celtic Family Picnic in September.
  • And much, much more, check out our calendar for up to the minute details.
Official St. Andrew Scottish Society of New Mexico Tartan

      Created originally as a general tartan for Bowlers and also to celebrate the Seven Hundredth Anniversary of the game at The World Championships at Northfield Park Ayr in the year 2004. It has since adopted the name 'St Andrew'.  The source of tartan 2625 was: David McGill from International Tartans.

     This tartan was approved for use by the St. Andrew Scottish Society of New Mexico on June 16th, 2010, and remains our official tartan to this day.